Al Maroona Park, Doha

Al Maroona Park is an important open space for the community of Madinat Khalifa South in Doha, Qatar. LA3's challenge was to create a world-class design that accommodates the sporting and recreational needs of the nearby residences. Our solution offers various spaces for passive and active recreation, blended with modern facilities and arid vegetation.

LA3 produced two design options for this park, one being fluid contemporary and the other, angular modernist. One option makes use of contemporary forms through the architecture and design of the park. The use of pure colours such as 'white' on these futuristic fluid forms reflects the human form and internal bone structures. The overall design reflects strength and evokes energy and activity. The other option refers to the modern and post modern periods of architecture and the Arish houses which were once lived in by locals. Warm colours and angular forms similar to the rows of palm fronds in these Arish houses were used, giving it a more domestic, urban and home-like appeal.