Culture, Heritage & Art

LA3 explores and works to understand the adjacent or inherent Culture & Heritage of a site in all its projects. We then use these 'understandings' as the primary framework for all our design in that place. Our people have worked with artists, historians, crafts-persons, sculptors, writers, poets and entertainers to enhance design outcomes. We work with these creative people who may have lived in that adjacent community to inform our designs.

We also have an in-depth understanding of how to work with user groups, stakeholders and lobby groups to understand their needs and specific preferred outcomes on projects. LA3's experience and appreciation of the creative process, found through our training and experience, place us in a unique position to collaborate well with any artist or community be they an international or local artist on large or small township or stakeholder group.


Cardwell Foreshore


Hoods Lagoon


Therwine Street