Design Management

With a broad skill set, our team's make-up can draw from a diverse multidisciplinary expertise. LA3 offers a 'Design Manager' service to Project Managers, Architects, Engineers and Project Officers. We can manage specialist consultants in a larger team to deliver your project. The significant advantage of managing your project from one point of reference (The LA3 Design Manager) allows you to focus on the brief and requirements of the project from an objective standpoint. You then get on with your normal schedule and not have to coordinate a large unwieldy group of consultants.

The strength of the LA3 network is its 'people' and our depth of experience. With years of experience on large & small design projects, simple or complex or located in a myriad of different environments and locations we are well placed to provide Design Management advice and project coordination.


Botanic Gardens Mossman


Therwine Street


Port Douglas Caravan Park


Limestone Point Resort


Cafe illy


Cloncurry Equestrian Centre