Botanic Gardens Mossman, Mossman QLD

LA3 recently prepared a Masterplan for the proposed Botanic Garden Mossman which will be built in the Wet Tropics World Heritage and showcase the internationally significant world's oldest rainforest and the world's oldest living culture. The Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland contain the greatest concentration of primitive flowering plants anywhere in the world.

In the gardens, visitors will witness how the Wet Tropic's special plants evolved in the last 40,000 years. Indigenous use and significance of these plants over the millennia is represented in specific focus gardens. Visitors can see plants that have changed the world and learn why, and are able to recognise the perilous state some species are in as a direct result. The journey illustrates the diversity and importance of plants to their existence.

The Botanic Garden Mossman will also offer long term economic development and new jobs to the region, by the creation of an iconic tourism destination.

Watch the video.