Signage & Wayfinding

LA3 has extensive experience in creating, designing and reviewing signage for specific sites and districts through to developing Signage Strategies and/or Guidelines to enable the proper control and administration of Signage in the Built Environment. We can create and analyse existing signage evolving from multiple sources be they commercial and/or governmental. Joseph Corbin developed such strategy for the entire State of Qatar working with Minale Bryce Design Strategy in the early 2000s in preparation for Qatar's hosting of the Asian Games in 2006.

LA3 takes that understanding of 'Signage' and all its complexities to another level combining our Landscape Architecture and Urban Design skills to enable us to execute good 'Wayfinding' concepts and strategies for sites and precincts. The arrival and orientation within a site or place is one of the most important aspects of visitor comfort, the arrival experience and safety. No site can do without such professional analysis and consideration.


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