Dunk Island Spit, Dunk Island QLD

Dunk Island and the famous 'Spit' recreational area were devastated by TC Yasi in February 2011. Prior to this event 'The Dunk Island Spit' was famous among locals and international visitors for it's natural values and easy access to open water and a variety of water sports activities. Visitors used the spit to recreate on a day visitor basis travelling from the mainland or on overnight stays even for several nights camping on the spit.

LA3 was engaged to create a new Landscape Masterplan for the spit in consultation with the stakeholders including QPWS, CCRC and the new Resort Owner. Not only was the brief to reinstate the activities previously at the spit but to reorganise the spit to better cater for future usage and better coordination with the Resort, Cafe Operator and it many valuable visitors. The spit is the gateway to the resort and the cafe the arrival and orientation point. LA3 has developed a furnishings and signage suite for the spit to enhance it's character.