Capella Street, Clermont QLD

Capella Street is an important spine for the central business activity of Clermont and provides an important link to Hoods Lagoon in the north which is the town's main recreational core. LA3 also developed a new master plan for Hoods lagoon, see the separate project profile. Before the masterplan the condition of Capella Street was designed predominantly for vehicular access and thoroughfare just like many Queensland country town streetscapes. The new design by LA3 significantly increases pedestrian comfort and addresses safety issues by decreasing crossing distances and providing a more pleasant streetscape environment.

Our proposed design transforms Capella Street into a public pedestrian space whilst maintaining traffic flows that emphasise connectivity between the surrounding shops, links to community facilities and the creation of social areas. Mini-plazas are created at corners where people can gather and meet. Cafe build-outs are located near specific shops that break up the rows of asphalt parking. New planted medians at crossings and feature arrival walls with new street-side and feature plantings, as well as the introduction of seating walls and a new furnishings palette, all contributed to a well-received community driven outcome. The design process involved preparation of a site analysis report, conceptual design, liaison with community groups and then the development of design options based on feedback from such community consultations. The end result was unanimously accepted.